Adveture Tourism in Israel

Find the best locations for an adventure in Israel.

In each area of Israel there are unique things to do, either rafting, kayaking and surfing or ATV and Jeep rides.

List of areas in Israel in relation to the kind of activities it offers:

- Coastal plain - Kayaking, Surfing, SUP surfing, Wind/speeder surfing, Jet Skiing, Gliding, Hot air balloon rides, Ultra light flights, Sky diving, Bungee, Helicopter flight, Horseback riding, ATV / Jeep, Hiking.

- Northern Israel, Golan heights and Galilee - Rafting, Kayaking, rock and mountain climbing, Repelling, Horseback riding, ATV / Jeep, Gliding, Sky diving, Hiking.

- Southern Israel, Judah and the Dead Sea area - Cave climbing and repelling, Rock and mountain climbing, Hot air Balloon rides, ATV / Jeep, Hiking.

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