Architecture and Urban Tours

Visit the new and old cities of Israel. Learn about the unique architecture of Israel and the history behind it.

A lot of history and philosophy reflects on the building styles in Israel. From Ancient times til today, Israel was influenced by many cultures who came to the holy land in many occasions and for many reason. Alongside the native culture, the empires who conquered Israel in the past had left their remarks on the architectural history too. Find with Traveling Israel who are behind those remarks; who were the cultures who inhabited those houses and who are the inhabitants today and their architecture.

A short review of our architectural and urban tours:

Modern times and beyond

- Bauhaus in Tel Aviv, aka "The white city".

- Zionism and settlements building.

- Modern Israeli architectures.

- Modern Jerusalem.

- Building in the desert.

- Ecological building in Israel.

- New discoveries of science and architecture in Israel.

Ancient times till the end of the millennium.

- Canaanite and Egyptian settlements.

- Ancient Israel and it's architecture.

- Greek, Roman and Byzantine architecture.

- Muslim and Turkish architecture.

- Christian, crusader and Templar architecture.

- German and British buildings in Israel.

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