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Traveling the daily Family Tours.


Our family day tours are very connected to the natural and agricultural side of the Israel experience. Along with it Traveling Israel is offering a variety of activities for families, sight seeings and history, extreme sport adventures, hiking, surfing, 4X4 and ATV tours and many other colorful activities.

The daily tour is decided and the area in which we'll be traveling is selected. After that its an early wake up in the morning and reaching our destination of the day. Just choose one of the Israel Tours and your desired region of Israel. Each region has its uniqueness. Get all the information about Israel's regions from Traveling Israel.

Daily Family Tours

Things to or see in Israel are in abundance. Israel is an historical multi layered piece of land, which combined old with new. The shape of the land itself, makes it one of the richest land in activities and places to visit. In Israel you can find almost every thing, for any age.

Some of our activities:

- Horseback Riding.

- Judaism and Hebrew life.

- Army tourism.

- Sightseeing and archaeology.

- Food and farming.

- Animal and nature life.

- Springs, streams, rafting, surfing and other water sports.

- Historical imitations, live shows and galleries.

- Museums, memorial locations and hi-tech tourism.

- Extreme - 4X4 and ATV, bike riding, ski, wind surfing, cliff gliding.

- Urban tours, architecture, cuisines.

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