Traveling the coastal plain of Israel, especially in Tel Aviv, will introduce a beautiful coastal culture and will provide you with endless attractions, Shopping places, Nightlife options and luxury accommodations. Experience the heart of the Jewish population of Israel, as most of the Israelis live in the coastal plain; from Ashqelon and Ashdod, being the southern coastal cities, to the Tel Aviv metropolis, Herzliya city, Natania city and the northern cities of Haifa, Acre and Nahariya.

The convenient and comfortable Mediterranean coast, with the inviting yellow sand and warm water, attracts dozens of thousands of tourists from all over the world each summer, especially in Tel-Aviv, The beating heart of modern living in Israel. There are many different beaches and wild life reservations to visit and you can find many untouched corners and areas with beautiful scenery – such as the Cliff beaches of Arsuf and Apolonia, the Ga'ash reservation, the ancient ruins of Apolonia, Palmahim, Acre, Jaffa and others, and also find some fine restaurants located all across the plain in Ashdod, Tel Aviv Haifa, etc.

Like all the other areas of Israel, the coastal plain has a lot of history, Archaeology findings, museums, art and culture. All over the coastal plain, ancient sites can be found from various times in history – from the Paleolithic period (Such as the Carmel caverns), Neolithic period, Canaanite and biblical times, the classical age (Greek Roman), Middle ages times (Crusaders and Muslim rulers), Ottoman empire, to modern times (British mandate and modern Israel). Some of the most beautiful archaeological excavations and sites are the fort of Apolonia, Old Jaffa and Acre, the Ashqelon excavations, the ancient city of Caesarea, the Achziv excavations and more.

Don't miss the great cultural life of this part of Israel. You will encounter a variety of colorful people and places, from all kind of backgrounds. The Israeli population is a big mix of cultures – Yemenite, Moroccan, North African, East European, Spanish, Russian, Ethiopian, American, French, German, Indian and Asian Jews bring their own Judaism and cultural traditions to this place, which makes a wonderful tourism experience.

The choices for attractions are numerous; horseback riding in the Sharon or the Shfela, Chef cuisines all over the area and especially in Tel Aviv, National parks, lakes and springs, water sports, architectural traveling, ATV and jeep rides, Museums, art galleries, markets, spa, local farms and wineries and again, multi layered history in every corner.

The Tel Aviv Metropolis is also the heart of the Israeli high tech industry. Here you can find a variety of businesses dedicated to these ever evolving new industries, see what the "Israeli brain" is constantly inventing and renovating and discover the community and people who shape today's technologies. Tel Aviv is also known to be one of the best cities in the world for its' rich nightlife activity. Taste the sweet excitements this city has during night time and you will find a considerable amount of bars and cafés, dance bars and clubs, anywhere in the city, in the beaches, in main streets, small alleys, old neighborhoods or up in the sky at the Azrieli tower and other buildings.

As being the most populated area in Israel, the coastal plain offers a rich variety of accommodations; from luxurious hotels to apartments, guesthouses or guest rooms. In a culinary point of interest, one can easily find new tastes and culinary visions all around the coastal plain, from the best and most luxurious Israeli restaurants to boutique restaurants, local food places, wineries, breweries and ethnic food cafés or food stalls. With Traveling Israel you can discover the deepest veins and most beautiful places the coastal plain can offer, for deep understanding of Israel and its' culture. Contact Traveling Israel for further information and get the best experience and knowledge about traveling the coastal plain of Israel.

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Coastal plain, The Florentine Neighborhood in Tel Aviv


Coastal plain, Ad Halom Historical Monument


Coastal plain, Jaffa old city