Tel Aviv Jaffa

A True 24/7 City

Tel Aviv is the first Hebrew city of the Zionist movement. In just a little more than a hundred years in existence, Tel Aviv has been able to accumulate considerable history and stories. We begin our tour at the Suzanne Dallal Center – in the heart of the beautiful Neve Tzedek - the first Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa. We will walk up the old neighborhood alleys towards Lilienblum Street and Rothschild Boulevard – originally known as the “Ahuzat Bait” neighborhood from which the city expanded, and visit Nahum Gutman’s mosaic and a scale-model of Tel Aviv. From the Shalom Tower we will continue our tour along Allenby Street to the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv. From there, visit Nahalat Binyamin road to the “Magen David Square” (the entrance of the colorful Carmel Market), making our way towards the beach where we conclude our tour near the seaside Opera Tower. On the way we’ll see both the old and new, poor and rich, and a host of buildings, people and tales we encounter along the way. A non-stop tour is guaranteed… (Coffee breaks included). Duration: Approximately 3-4 hours.

An Introduction Tour to Old Jaffa

“There is nothing like Jaffa in the daytime, there is nothing like Jaffa in the nighttime” – and so, there is nothing like visiting the old town of Jaffa. Jaffa is a vibrant place, full of history, exotic environment, boutique restaurants, romantic spots, tensions and communal life. Jaffa is a home for artists and poets, spiritual people, craftsmen, sailors, fishermen and different ethnic groups. Our tour begins on Jerusalem Boulevard where we’ll visit the forgotten American colony which most Israelis know nothing about. From there we continue on to the famous Kikar HaShaon (“Clock Tower Square”), surrounded by historic sites, and climb up Tel Jaffa – the ancient heart of the old city which offers great views of Jaffa’s successful younger sister – Tel Aviv. From there we walk into the stone alleys of the Old City, gaze out at the sea and the Andromeda rock, and walk down through the old Jaffa port of Jaffa back towards the Clock Tower Square.
Duration: Approximately two and a half hours.

The Ajami Neighborhood Tour

A tour on the site of the successful Oscar winning film “Ajami”, in the most complex neighborhood of Jaffa. We’ll wonder through the old Arab neighborhood which is rapidly transforming into a wealthy residential neighborhood, but one in which poverty, hardship and distress continue to thrive. We’ll meet colorful local residents, see run-down and neglected buildings alongside luxurious mansions, and gaze at the old mosque. We’ll also walk along Ajami’s beautiful beach which until a few years ago was no more than huge garbage dump, but which has now been transformed into a flourishing park. This is a tour that is dedicated to parallel and contradictory urban processes that affect this fascinating city.
Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

The Romantic Jaffa “Love” Tour

Jaffa Love Stories: A combination of love stories told in adequate surroundings at different Jaffa sites. A bit of history mixed with a pinch of love. Some of the stories are true while others are slightly fictional or a complete figment of imagination. We’ll listen to novels and tragedies taken from Hebrew classics such as “Fontalena”, “Tamara walks on water”, Gutman’s “Lover’s Alley” and more. The tour is accompanied by pictures, songs and tales from within the tour group, and all this while walking through the streets of Old Jaffa – from the American colony and down to the port.
Duration: Approximately two and a half hours.

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