The Florentine Neighborhood in Tel Aviv

A unique corner in Tel Aviv. Great both for day touring or for a location, that serves as one of the major places in Tel Aviv to go out to.

The Florentine Neighborhood, or simply Florentine, is located in the southern area of Tel Aviv, close to Jaffa (About 20 - 35 minutes walk). It's one of the largest neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv. There you will meet old architecture mixed with modern street art, a perfect day tour with many stories at any corner, and one of the best nightlife scenes in Tel Aviv. People from all over the country are attracted to this neighborhood. You will find many welcoming and packed bars, restaurants and cafes, this neighborhood is full of life and colorful people. Many artists live in the Florentine neighborhood, expressing their philosophy and art all over the streets.

The Florentine Neighborhood map (Tel Aviv)


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