Bahá'í Temple and Gardens

Bahá'í Temple and Gardens

The Carmel is populated by Druze, Hebrews, Muslims and Christians. Visitors often enjoy the hospitality of the two large towns of the Druze community in the Carmel; Isfiya and Daliyat Al-Karmel, with the authentic markets and restaurants. During the 12'Th century, the Carmelites Catholic order was founded on the Carmel mountain range, the founder is unknown. A Carmelite monastery was founded on the Carmel, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, or as titled" "Star of the Sea" (Stella Maris in Latin), which is a common medieval presentation of Mary. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has a large and unique mosque on Mount Carmel, titled the Mahmood Mosque in Kababir.

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, after Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It dwells on the slopes of the Carmel and lower beneath it, on the seashore. Haifa is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel, in the center of the city, are the Bahá'í Temple and Gardens; the jewels in the crown of Haifa city. The city has many other attractions, Museums, restaurants, shopping centers, endless historical sightseeing and beautiful markets.

On the Carmel mountain range you will find many attractions, from the City of Haifa, to Zichron Ya'aqov and its' historical attractions, Ein Hod the artists community, Beit Oren and the "Little Switzerland" forest area, Stella Maris Monastery, "Rom Ha-Carmel" and many other exciting locations and activities. Traveling Israel is taking visitors to the many attractions this area has to offer, each year.

The Carmel is a mountain range, a northern extension of Samaria stretching north to the Haifa bay area and Zebulun Valley, reaching the Jezreel Valley in the east and the Carmel coast line in the west. The Carmel is full of streams and springs, and an all year round green, being one of the greenest parts of Israel and offering many nature hikes. The "Cave Stream" (or 'Nahal Me'arot' in Hebrew) is a beautiful hiking road alongside caverns of the Paleolithic period, where Homo-Sapiens and Neanderthal communities lived several hundred thousand of years ago. Next to the caves are many small streams and little springs and the whole ridge is forested, making it a perfect and extensive hiking site.

In the mountains and forests of the Carmel, are many historical and archaeological sites, with a vast botanic variety of plants, interesting geological phenomenal sites, marked hiking trails, bicycle roads, camping sites with flowing water, toilets and showers. The rich activity this area offers and the easy approach to it makes it one of the most desired locations in Israel for traveling, camping and sightseeing. The Carmel was home to Elijah and Elisha the prophets, and one of the caves on Mount Carmel is attributed to Elijah. In the Books of Kings, Elijah the prophet, challenges 450 priests of the idol god Baal to a contest on an altar on the Carmel, which will determine which deity is in control of the Kingdom of Israel; the contest ended with the victory of Elijah and the god of Israel.

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