Hebrew history and Jewish life in Jerusalem

Exploring Judaism and the Hebrew history of Jerusalem, from biblical to present times.

Learn and explore the Hebrew and Jewish Jerusalem. From the days of King David, the founder of Jerusalem till modern times; the whole story of the Hebrew Jerusalem. The biblical city of kings of Israel and Judah, the holy temple, holy places of the Hebrew people and ancient locations that are known for thousands of years.


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      Jerusalem is the pinnacle of the Land of Israel. There is no other city in this world who’s streets and underground passages carry such immense historical baggage – full of emotions, religion and architecture. I have had the honor of passing my early years as a guide in Jerusalem while studying at the Hebrew University. By completing numerous training courses and guiding numerous tours through this city, I have been able to learn how to connect with this most complicated and complex city. I believe that no visit to the holy land is complete without at least one visit to Jerusalem, and that each and every Israeli should attempt to visit this holy capital as much as possible. Jerusalem has the most diverse touring potential in the country, and so tours may be adapted to suit all tastes and styles.