This series of valleys is simply called 'The Valleys' and is located in between Samaria and the Lower Galilee. The valleys are home to the beautiful ancient Roman city of Scythopolis or Beit Shean in Hebrew, which was an older city even before the times of the Romans. The ancient city was controlling the eastern part of the valleys region. This area was used many times as a post on the roads coming from Iraq and Iran (In ancient times, coming from the land called Mesopotamia), and generally from the Silk Road. In modern times, the historical Hebrew resistance settlements called "Wall and Tower Settlements", which were established just before the establishment of the state of Israel, were defending the Jewish population which arrived in Israel in the beginning of the 20'Th century. In these days history changed and this region was in Hebrew possession.

In the valleys you can find many attractions and beautiful locations. This area is full of rivers, streams and laeks – the 'Sachné' river, Jordan River and the bridge of Aram Naharayim, Ma'ayan Harod springs, 'The Spring Valley' area and others. In this area are many Kibbutzs with adventurous and thrilling history. The Nir David Kibbutz offers many attractions among them bicycle riding in one of the pearls of Israel! The Valley region is full of water and very fertile.


The old train that use to circle the valleys is long abandoned, and remnants of the historical train still exists today, visit the train and valleys museums and visit the Kibbutzs that the train served in the past, and through it learn the history of this area. The Gilbo'a Mountain stands aloft and offers many attractions; such as an hippodrome for horse races, wind gliding, horseback riding and more.

In Beit Alpha, stands an ancient Synagogue from the Hellenistic period. The synagogue is very preserved and revealing the rich traditional Hebrew and Jewish culture and religion. Join us for an adventure and a most intriguing historical traveling in the valleys region of Israel.

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