Explore the greenest region of Israel and one of the most cultural diverse places in the Middle East, where many different communities live side by side; the Upper Galilee will unravel glorious stories, beautiful sightseeing, various adventures and food that you probably never tasted before. The Galilee is a kind of a 'cultural factory', manufacturing its' own 'products' and leaving its' own unique insignia, that can't be found elsewhere.

The whole area is filled with forests and orchards, and as you travel west, the mountains are becoming lower, towards the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. In the east, the Galilee encounters the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and the River Jordan, in the north it borders Lebanon and confined in the south by the valleys of the lower Galilee. Safed is an ancient city, located in a magical place, surrounded by the romantic Biria forest, The 'Nahal Tanur' stream and waterfalls and viewing the northern part of the Galilee and Mount Hermon, one of the most beautiful sightseeing in all of Israel! Culture in Safed is a unique gem of its' own, with deep Jewish and Hebrew roots, this city is populated by a very unique spiritual and religious people, which inhabits similar places in the area and create a new / old way of life. The Galilee is home to various cultural groups and subgroups; Druze's, Muslims, Christians, Cherkessk, Jews and special communities of artists, nature dwellers, Vegan settlements and spiritual communities.

Here are endless amazing traveling routs, and all the springs, streams and waterfalls you would ever wish to swim in and all the mountain, valleys and creeks you would ever wish to travel. This part of Israel is full of splendor and magnificence and in the same time, a very humble and simple place, mostly rural with a few cities and a lot of history. Here, ancient cities that exists till today, such as Safed (Z'fat), Tiberias, Scythopolis (Beit She'an), Nazareth, Yavne'el and Meron are constant reminders of this area to its' past.

You will find many villages, small towns and plenty of archaeological sites, ancient cities and ruins, caverns, Megaliths, Mausoleums and ancient religious sites. The area is home to many holy places and burial places of rabbis, biblical and other holy people revered and visited constantly by the Jewish, Muslim, Druze, Cherkessk and Christian populations of the Galilee and from all around Israel, in special times, holidays and other commemorative dates.

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