The inescapable Mount Tabor

Tall and round, viewing the Lower Galilee and Valleys; Mount Tabor "the all year green mountain".

You can't ignore it, its' beautiful round and tall shape is a magnificent sight and all through history people looked up to the green mountain and wanted it for themselves. This unique "bulb" was created in a geological process called Hurst, when an ancient crack line in this area was bombarded by internal pressures and made rise to this Symmetrical dome shaped mountain. Basalt rocks are still a silent evidence of this event, at the mountain foothills and all the way up  to the top.

On top of Mount Tabor, stands the Franciscan Church of the Transfiguration, with its' unique Mosaic and paint works and ancient architecture. The whole mountain was fortified by the crusaders and, as it happened frequently during its' history, was conquered by the Mamelukes and after that was under Ottoman control, like the rest of Israel during their reign over the region.

In Biblical times this mount was the "home base" for the army of ancient Israel, lead by Barak and Deborah the propeht, because it's located in the border of three of the Israelite tribes of Issachar, Zebulun and Naftali; three of the main tribes who fought against Sisera and his Canaanite army. In the days of the Jewish wars against the Roman empire, Josephus (or Yosef Ben Matityahu in Hebrew), fortified the top of Mount Tabor as part of the fortification projects that took place in the Galilee, as preparations against the Roman legions attacks; some of the remaining fortifications are still in existence today, on the mount peak.



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