Ben-Gurion's Hut in the desert.

The Ben Gurion's Hut, is the preserved retirement house of the late legendary prime minister of Israel. The house is preserved to the final details and at the area of the hut are the tombs of both David Ben Gurion and his wife Pola Ben Gurion. The whole premises is viewing a most authentic desert landscape.

The hut museum, is located near Kibbuts Sde Boker and has a deep influence over the philosophy of the Negev settlers. As Ben Gurion's vision was of the flourishing of the Negev desert, as an asset of the Israeli state. Today, a lot of Ben Gurion's vision is in existence in the Negev desert. Agriculture is being developed and growing increasingly in this area. New scientific developments are being studied and applied on the local agricultural activities. The Negev is producing a large amount of vegetables, fruits, flowers, mushrooms, diary products and farm products.

During a tour in 1952, of the southern part of the country, Ben-Gurion visited a small community, living in a hut and a few tents. They gave this place a name - Sde Boker. He greeted the founders for doing an excellent service for Israel and for building the foundations for the settling of the huge Negev Desert. After a while Ben-Gurion felt a deep connection to Sde Boker and later sent them a letter saying he is very jealous of their humble and simple lifestyle. After a year from his visit to Sde Boker (in 1953), Ben-Gurion and his wife joined the Kibbutz and moved into a hut, just as he has wished. Ben-Gurion dedicated his motivation towards settling the Negev lead by a personal example for others. Some times he wished to relief the political pressure in his daily job and spent times in a remote part of the desert.